Donner Electric Guitar LP Solid Body, Full-Size 39 Inch Electric Guitar Beginner Kit Black with Bag, Cable, Strap, DLP-124B

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About this item 【Humbcker Pickups】 Donner 202S humbcker pickups. Two classic humbucker pickups offer a great range of tones. It delivers a smooth tone ideal for rock and roll, playing the blues, and everything else in between! 【Okoume Neck with “C” shaped Profile】Laurel Wood fingerboard, Canadian maple neck, Solid basswood body, H-H pickups, 3-Ways Pickup switch, Volume & tone controls. 【22 Copper-nickel Frets 】 The LP electric guitar features a pick-up selector switch, a volume knob, and two different tone knobs. 22 copper-nickel frets with Fret position Marks on the neck and top of the fingerboard. 【3-Ways Pickup Switch】 3-Ways Pickup switch provides different tone performance. The DLP-124 electric guitar series offers natural, vibrant sound in your hands, and provide convenient and practical features. The beginning guitarist in your house strumming away in no time. 【 High-Quality Accessories】 The Les Paul Electric Guitar Kits come with a gig bag, guitar strap, and guitar cable as gifts.

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9.58 pounds

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40.75 x 16.93 x 4.72 inches



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#687 in Musical Instruments (See Top 100 in Musical Instruments) #2 in Solid Body Electric Guitars

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January 5, 2020

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Maple Wood

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Maple Wood

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20 reviews for Donner Electric Guitar LP Solid Body, Full-Size 39 Inch Electric Guitar Beginner Kit Black with Bag, Cable, Strap, DLP-124B

  1. Matthew

    Very fast delivery.

  2. Zane

    Good quality.

  3. Daniel

    Good quality.

  4. Dominic

    Very fast delivery.

  5. Paul

    Good service.

  6. Max

    Very well worth the money.

  7. Mason

    Good service.

  8. Todd Evans

    I didn’t WANT to buy this guitar, but I couldn’t resist. $159 during the Black Friday sale…as compared to $258 during Donner’s OWN Black Friday sale. I had actually been eyeing this up for a while. I wanted a “metal” guitar, just for the aggression factor. When Fenderplay was having a deal where you get a free guitar if you sign up for lessons, I jumped on it. for $150, I got a Squier strat, amp, etc….basic stuff for a beginner, thought I’m not a beginner. I had already planned on modding the strat, so I got a HH pickguard and put some Fishman Fluence Moderns in it. It’s a good guitar, but certainly not a “pro level” guitar.SO…fast forward to Black Friday, and I see this nifty little Donner that I had been looking at…I figured, what the heck, at least I can mod it. I already have a set of Seymour Duncan Invaders that I planned on putting in it.BUT….I’m not sure I will, now. Shipping was good, it arrived a day earlier than expected. Nothing was wrong with the box, and visual inspection didn’t show any problems. Flat black all around, with a dark fretboard. The headstock is REALLY small, like smaller than Musicman small. I was planning on putting Hipshot tuners on it, but just looking at it, I know that the mounting plate won’t fit. Nice straight string pull through the nut to the pegs. Everything on the guitar is blacked out, which I like. It comes with a few cool little extras, like the string dampener. The gig bag is usable, but there are certainly better ones out there.So….I start test driving it. There are no sharp fret ends. In fact, the fingerboard seems to be somewhat rolled. It’s very comfortable. After tuning it up, I tested for dead frets. Played up the entire neck and couldn’t find ANY dead spots. Decided to attempt some alternate tunings. Drop D worked well. D Standard was good, and even in Drop C, there was no fret buzz. Took off the back panel to investigate and there’s a pretty cool quick connect system. A PCB board mounted to the 2 pots, with 4 quick connects for the switch, jack, and both pickups.At high gain, there’s a noticeable buzzing, which is expected. I just need to turn the noise gate up higher for these pickups than I do the Fishmans. The pickups are slightly microphonic as well. I could hear the screws on the backplate being unscrewed when I left it plugged in, so any bumping will be noticeable at high gain, again, depending on the noise gate. The buzzing is there, but not prevalent on a clean setup.I wanted to be as detailed as possible to provide the best review I could. Overall, I’d say that of the 2 guitars, I would regret the Squier purchase more. I bought both guitars strictly to mod and make them what I want to make them. The Squier required more work than I anticipate with the Donner. The main thing that will need attention is the tuners, they have some play in them, so you have to tune down, then back up to pitch to tighten up the mechanical slack in them…you can definitely feel it when tuning.If you want to get a guitar for a beginner, I would highly suggest this one. I didn’t really need to set up anything on it at all to get it working. As I said, neck feels good, frets are fine, didn’t check intonation completely, but up and down the fretboard it seems on point. I love the hipshot style bridge, as I’ve installed the real thing on many guitars.The most important part of a guitar for a beginner is always going to be the neck. If it’s uncomfortable to play, then the won’t. This one does not disappoint at all.

  9. Dave B

    This is a review of the Donner DMT-100. I’m not sure why Amazon has it labeled a “DK”, but its the newest “metal” guitar from Donner. For background, I am 43 years old and only started learning to play a year and a half ago. I do it as a hobby, playing for myself and by myself. I have no aspirations of playing in a band and don’t have any musical background or education. That being said, I have learned everything I can about proper guitar setup and things I like and don’t like. This is also not my first Donner guitar. My first was an acoustic. Six months later I bought my first electric, the DST-100. This is the experience and perspective I’m coming from with this review, so if you have much more experience, knowledge, or play professionally, this probably won’t help much. If, on the other hand, you’re like me and just play for fun as a hobby or are just starting out, and you appreciate value without spending a fortune, I think you’ll find this insightful.The first thing I noticed was how light this guitar is, probably somewhere around 6lbs. I am completely in LOVE with the matte black finish which extends all the way up to the head stock. After peeling off the plastic and tuning up I checked the neck…it was perfect with a slight bit of relief. No buzz on any of the frets. I used a string gauge ruler to check the string heights at the 12th fret. They were right around 1.8mm on the low E and 1.6mm on the high E. Perfect for me; no adjustment needed. Next I checked intonation. All but the low E were dead on perfect, and that E string was so minimally off that I didn’t even bother adjusting it. The tuning pegs on this guitar aren’t exactly high end, but they’re much better than the ones that were on my DST-100. Those were horrible and I eventually replaced them with HipShot locking tuners. I haven’t noticed much slippage with these ones so I think I’ll keep them on. Also, the knobs and control switch feel really solid, no slop. As far as the frets…no sharp edges at all and no sprout. I can run my hand up and down both sides of the fret board and not feel a thing. They were, however, very gritty. I removed the strings and polished the frets to smooth them out, then wiped the board with conditioner (it was pretty dry). Restrung it with Super Slinky’s and its good to go.Compared to the DST, this guitar required very little setup, at least according to my limited experience. As for sound, well, it sounds great to my limited experience music ears but everyone has their own opinion about sound anyways so I’ll leave that to the pros. But I am so happy with the fit and finish of this guitar. I recommend it without any reservation and appreciate that I’m not paying top dollar simply for a more well known name brand.

  10. joseph c.

    I have no issue with the tuners. There are no dead spots. I had such a good experience with Donner pedals I had to give the DLP a try. The neck is amazing! I love it.Donner I am impressed. This guitar is great! Keep it up!This guitar punches way above its weight… diamond in the rough.Not changing a thing!Donner for life!

  11. William Dymond

    I have owned and played the major brand and custom guitars. Gotta say this way exceeded expectations in action, intonation, quality and finish. I highly recommend

  12. Jordan

    Honestly, I don’t think Donner could’ve given you too much more guitar for this price; at sub-$200, this thing feels built to last any beginner well into their intermediate years w/out anything beyond a basic setup from a local guitar store.I had read reviews saying the tuners were jumpy, but I have zero issues w mine; for reference, I’ve been playing guitar for over 20 years, owning a Gibson, a PRS, and a handful of Fenders and Squiers.I am planning on upgrading the humbuckers- and after that, I’d honestly feel comfortable gigging w this instrument.

  13. jwebb

    For the price an amazing value just needed some minor set up. I have bought Guitars for 10 times the price that needed the same set up. For beginners or intermediate with some work absolutely amazing.

  14. Morgan

    This is a nice guitar, but I’d change the strings.

  15. EB

    The media could not be loaded.  The Donner DLP-124S Solid Body Full-size 39 inch Guitar Kit in Sunburst Yellow is a diamond in the ruff. The DLP came packed in an outer box in addition to the Donner Guitar Box for extra protection. It was shielded with packing material and placed inside the Gear Bag. I was elated to find the guitar had arrived in pristine condition, and a beauty it is. The sunburst yellow nicely finished is awesome, framed by a vintage white binding strip around the top edge of the solid body. The Gear Bag is quality nylon with padded sponge interior with protective edge to prevent scratching by the zipper. Also included is quality strap and cable with a right-angle connector and allen wrench to use to perform adjustments to the truss rod. I was able to set the guitar up within minutes with minimal effort. When I plugged the guitar into my amp and turned it on, man, I was surprised with the smooth, deep sound from the Donner 202S Humbucker pickups! The notes and chords are clear without external or humming sounds. The string action is great and barre chords are resonant without buzzing. The tuning keys and pegs are of good quality and serve to keep the guitar in tune – even after bending the strings while playing. I was happy to find that the guitar stays in tune when I use a capo, and further adjustment was not needed to play with perfect pitch. And some of us know how difficult sometimes the G or B string can be to tune properly for all chords without a pitch issue – hah, not with this guitar. I have tried it with each of the different modes on the amp, and I am having a blast with it. I know that the description of the guitar in Amazon says it is for beginners, but I think an intermediate player or even a professional player using this as a practice guitar would be surprised with the quality of sound that it produces. It is a great selection for the beginner player starting out, and with the Gear Bag, Guitar Strap, and Guitar cable included, it spares the beginner an added expense of these items to get started, meaning that it is available to more people who otherwise may not be able to afford all of these items separately to get started. I had bought a guitar of a well known brand in this price range previously (without the extras), and it does not measure up to the quality of the DLP-124S. Well done Donner!

  16. John

    The media could not be loaded.  The guitar met all expectations. Had an issue regarding shipping with my first order and I was very impressed with Donner’s customer service. They responded quickly and was very nice. Guitar sounds way better than any guitar I’ve ever played at this price range. I use a katana mk2 and getting great tones with the humbuckers. I’m a single coil fender player but have always wanted a LP style guitar to mess around with and couldn’t be happier.Took out the stock volume and tone knobs and placed black ones like in a YT video I saw, and it looks great. Frets could use filing in some of the edges but it really isn’t that big of a deal and does not interfere with playing nor is it harmful, and more a nitpicking thing.UPDATE: A month later… this has become my favorite guitar to play. The wider neck makes bends a little easier to control and I filed down the sharp edges of some of the frets. Stock strings are still good with around 30+ hours of play, and I made some very minor adjustments on the bridge for intonation. I’m actually considering getting some Donner light gauge strings because of this guitar.

  17. Scrooged!

    This is a great little LP; looks awesome, sounds way better than it should for this price, well constructed, and fun to play. The frets are surprisingly smooth. My fender strat and Hagstrom viking Dlx (around $1000 each) didn’t have frets this clean. I was shocked to see that it shipped in the soft gig bag, in a thin cardboard box, with no foam around it. Mine arrived with no damage at all but I can understand how some of the other reviews show broken guitars. The strap is soft and comfortable, and the gig bag is your standard bag. I haven’t used the 10ft cable since I have the Shure cordless guitar system. I’m playing it through a Fender Mustang GTX 100 and it sounds amazing!I added $65 in upgrades to it so far; multi contact output jack, Earnie Ball super locks for the strap, Guyker locking tuners (because their screw hole on the back lined up perfect), and I have a black toggle cover coming today. The guitar and upgrades came to the same price as the DIY kit I almost purchased.Side note: I wanted to keep the Donner tuner knobs but they don’t fit over the Guyker shafts. Also the diameter of the new output jack was slightly larger than the jack cover plate.Out of the box I lowered the bridge 1 turn on the screws, tuned it, checked the neck (no adjustment needed), my fretboard was extremely dry (it looked like dog *@#* when it starts to turn white) so I put 3 coats of conditioner on it and it looks/feels a lot better. Over all I’m tickled I bought this thing. I can’t wait to throw in some hot SDs!

  18. Nolan

    Very well worth the money.

  19. Ryker

    Very fast delivery.

  20. Richard

    The product is firmly packed.

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