Enya Nova Go Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar 1/2 Size Beginner Adult Travel Acustica Guitarra w/Starter Bundle Kit of Colorful Packaging, Acoustic Guitar Strap, Gig Bag, Cleaning Cloth, String(Black)

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About this item ♫ A TASTE OF CARBON FIBER – Carbon Fiber may have become a buzzword in the acoustic guitar world. You are intrigued. But the price of at least hundreds of dollars scares you off a little bit. Then you discover Nova Go. It’s carbon fiber and less expensive. You are thinking about giving this a shot, right? This is what we intended: bringing quality carbon fiber acoustic guitar, that’s of great value. ♫ WHY CARBON FIBER – Nova Go is made of carbon fiber composite material, which means it’s impervious to temperature and humidity change. Taking it to chill on a beach with the hot bright sun up above, or to a hiking trip deep in a mountain, or even further to shoot some beautiful Instagram posts in a snow land, Nova Go would stay stable, with no warp nor cracks. That’s the edge of carbon fiber acoustic guitars. ♫ SOLID BUILD & EASY TO PLAY – The body of Nova Go is 1/2 sized (35 in.), molded all in one piece, meaning that the bridge is a cohesive part of the top, not glued upon like traditional acoustic guitars. It would never snap or fall off. Meanwhile, we’ve put a truss rod into the neck, giving your more adjustability for the string action, even though the factory setup is already optimum. ♫ ZERO FRET – Also, the “Zero Fret” feature is added to this acoustic guitar for smoother tuning, and fret ends are polished to round edges for a more comfortable hand feel. 5 colors available: black, white, pink, blue, purple. ♫ PRACTICAL ACCESSORIES – This Nova Go acoustic guitar comes with a gig bag. The packaging is colorful and delicately designed. You can send it straight as a gift to someone you love or care about. A hexagon wrench is also included for you to adjust the string action.

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Additional information

Item Weight

7.88 pounds

Fretboard Material

Radius – Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate

Guitar Bridge System


Number of Strings


Neck Material Type

Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate

Top Material

Carbon Fiber

String Material


Scale Length

23-1/8" Inches

Color Name


Product Dimensions

36.22 x 12.2 x 3.15 inches

Body Material

Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate

Back Material

Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate

Date First Available

October 18, 2021

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#1,693 in Musical Instruments (See Top 100 in Musical Instruments) #9 in Steel-String Acoustic Guitars #145 in Amazon Launchpad Electronics #205 in Amazon Launchpad All Gifts

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20 reviews for Enya Nova Go Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitar 1/2 Size Beginner Adult Travel Acustica Guitarra w/Starter Bundle Kit of Colorful Packaging, Acoustic Guitar Strap, Gig Bag, Cleaning Cloth, String(Black)

  1. Riley

    The product is firmly packed.

  2. David

    Good quality.

  3. Tyler

    Good service.

  4. Kai

    The product is firmly packed.

  5. Nathaniel

    Very fast delivery.

  6. Ross England

    I have been playing the Enya Nova Go Carbon-Fiber Acoustic 1/2 Size (33 inch) guitar for about 1 week. I purchased it for $219 as part of a package including a gig bag, allen key (for truss rod adjustment), cleaning cloth, two adapters to use gig bag strap as a guitar strap, and an extra set of D’Addario acoustic strings. I am extremely pleased with purchase as I detail below.I have been playing guitar for 25 years and usually play a full size (41 inch) dreadnought acoustic guitar or a 39-inch telecaster-style electric guitar. I purchased this guitar specifically for use as a travel guitar and to use around the house (e.g., in the living room, where my kids or dog might knock over or otherwise damage my more expensive full size acoustic guitar). I have never owned a carbon-fiber guitar in the past but have been very interested in their increased durability and resistance to temperature/humidity changes. When I saw this guitar package on Amazon, I was intrigued enough to try it and I’m so glad I did.The features/measurements of the guitar are well described on the Amazon webpage so I will focus my review on the pros and cons of this guitar for it’s two advertised uses, as a travel guitar and as a beginner guitar.OVERALL:-the sound quality, sustain, and volume are all very nice and, frankly, much better than expected for a guitar of this size and price point; the musician definitely benefits from the top side sound port. It should be obvious, at least to more experienced guitarists, that the volume of this guitar will *not* be the same as a full sized guitar but it’s very adequate for its stated purposes (travel, beginner).In particular, low tones on this guitar sound better than expected. Usually, smaller scale length guitars have more treble (higher pitched) tone and the bass tone on this comes out very nicely. I was playing some rock tunes with power chords and thought the sound was very good.-the guitar is very playable. The fret wires are all smooth and the fretboard surface is comfortable. The neck relief, action, and intonation of the guitar were good right out of the box (confirming Enya’s advertisement information indicating that the guitar should arrive with a suitable factory set-up). In particular, the zero fret makes for a very comfortable action in the first fret and F/Fmin/Fmin7 barre chords are easy to play on this guitar (slightly easier than my full-size acoustic, which has a nice set-up and is not difficult to play). My hands are large adult male hands and I have no problem playing this guitar in the first 5-7 frets; further up the fretboard, there is the usual difficulty with fitting multiple fingers in for certain chord shapes but this is going to be a similar problem on any travel-sized guitar.-the sealed-gear tuning keys work well and the guitar holds tune very well; I played for 3 hours yesterday with no change in tuning-the use of the gig bag strap as a guitar strap is novel and does save some space when packing/traveling. The guitar comes with two strap pegs and these adapters were easy to use. In a pinch, this would work fine but I would prefer a wider strap so will probably still pack a strap if I plan to play it standing upAS A TRAVEL GUITAR:PROS:-small size 33 in-gig bag, which is *very nice*. Rather than soft neoprene cloth (or similar), it’s soft shell and maintains shape very well, has a nice soft interior with a compartment for storing items (eg capo) under the neck rest.-entire guitar is carbon-fiber (except for saddle, strings, and tuners) so the guitar can be played in any temperature/humidity or with significant swings in temperature/humidity without worrying about it causing damage to your guitar or causing frequent changes to tuning. For me, this is great for going to the beach (heat/sun on the beach shouldn’t be a problem), going camping/hiking, etc.-very lightweightCONS:-none that I can really see for travelAS A BEGINNER GUITAR: I usually recommend beginners start with a budget electric guitar because, these days, budget acoustic guitars (<= $200) are usually very difficult to play even with a set-up from a luthier (which would add usually at least $100 to price). Most cheap acoustic guitars have very high action (strings are set high from the fret board) meaning more finger strength is required to push them down against the fret wires AND for a beginner who has not developed callouses on their finger tips, this is a major contributor to finger pain that can lead a lot of beginners to give up the instrument altogether. There are, however, disadvantages to an electric guitar as a beginner guitar, mainly its decreased portability and the cost of additional equipment (amplifier, cables, pedals, etc). In my opinion, this guitar overcomes most of the problems of budget acoustic guitars as a beginner guitar and I would include this guitar among my recommendations for beginners, especially for a beginner who likes musical styles more suitable to an acoustic guitar (folk, country, etc).PROS:-excellent budget value, including a gig bag, good strings (D'Addario) with additional set, included strap-portable -- beginners should practice at least 4-5 days per week and portability improves the ability to fit practice into schedule-will likely not require a set-up by a luthier to be playable by a beginner; mine came with action that was very comfortable and, just to test this, I had my wife (who has NEVER played guitar) play a F minor barre chord (with my instruction) and she was able to do it and get fair sound. This would be impossible for a beginner on most budget acoustic guitars.-comes in a number of fun colors (I bought charcoal gray), which would be attractive especially I think to child and adolescent beginners-strap pegs in placeCONS:-Neck dive - because the body is so lightweight, the guitar does have some pretty substantial neck dive (when positioned on your lap, the neck is heavy enough to pull the guitar downwards, rather than having it balance nicely and horizontally). This is not a fatal flaw, and experienced guitarists generally have a set of strategies to deal with neck dive, but a beginner needs to be aware that they will need to find a position they can play this guitar in where the neck remains in a stable position WITHOUT using the palm of their fretting hand to support the guitar (your fretting hand needs to be free to move around the fret board without having the extra job of supporting the weight of the neck).-not really a performance instrument; this is a great guitar for practice, travel, songwriting, etc but is not loud enough to perform in most venues (certainly not with other instruments). This will not be a problem for most beginners, who will usually want to wait a while before performing publicly and, at that point, would likely be willing to buy a second guitar. However, if money/space is very tight (ie, having/buying two guitars is not ideal) or if you're an especially brave beginner guitarist who wants to start playing open mics etc right away, this guitar probably won't be the best option for you

  7. emaletk

    First of all to level-set my credibility as a reviewer: I’ve had a casual interest in the instrument for 20 years now. I’m no professional but I do have an pretty good idea of what I like or don’t like, and I’ve played a lot of different instruments in that time. I do not consider myself a luthier, “audiophile” or any other kind of expert on the instrument, so for this review I’m just sharing my impressions as an educated consumer. I bought my guitar at full price and nobody asked me to review it.I’ve been looking at “travel”-class guitars for years now and never found one that really checked all the boxes for me, especially an acoustic. They were either not ‘travel’ enough or felt too unlike a regular version of the instrument to play, too expensive or too fragile. Often more than one of these things, sometimes all of them.This little axe rocks my socks! It’s a puny little guitar; even with the dimensions I was surprised how small it was in person. About the size of a banjo, maybe a little shorter than that even. Don’t let that stop you though because it packs a heck of a lot of sound into that little package. Surprisingly loud and quite bright, and if I didn’t see it being played I wouldn’t guess it wasn’t a larger wooden instrument. The action was nice and low out of the box, no buzzes or dead-zones and thanks to the carbon fiber and ABS materials that won’t change with temperature or humidity. It has a truss rod but I haven’t felt the need to touch it. It was de-tuned for shipment, but after tuning and stretching out of the box it has not required re-tuning.The fret board is pretty comparable to an electric guitar in nut width and neck thickness, but with the shorter scale. A great guitar for little people with little hands and short arms! This would make an above-average first guitar for a kid (or a smaller adult) who is learning to play with a caveat I’ll discuss below. For a kid especially being both right-sized and unusually durable. Throw in a clip-on tuner and you have everything you need to find out whether or not you want to play the guitar. It came double-boxed and in the case and was in perfect condition upon opening.The whole thing is one molded piece with metal hardware and plastic pegs. In addition to being resistant to the elements, the materials are quite tough and probably won’t show wear easily. They advertise it as being okay in the sun, in the cold or getting wet which are all big guitar no-nos but I haven’t had occasion to abuse it in any of those ways yet. It feels tough enough that I wouldn’t think twice about tying it to my backpack and hiking it off into the wilderness, or throwing it in the back of the truck to just have with me everywhere.It’s not too heavy, but it doesn’t feel like a toy either. I went with the black one and find it to be a fine-looking instrument, but there are a few more exciting options if black isn’t your thing. It comes with a custom case color-matched to the guitar, extra strings, an Allen wrench for the truss rod and a positively huge microfiber cloth. The case has a pocket you can store the strings, wrench, cloth and a tuner in as well as a removable strap, and it also comes with some little dongles that let you attach this strap to the guitar. The attachment points are both on the body, electric-style and on a strap it feels a lot like playing an electric with a weirdly thick body.As for cons, there isn’t much. The neck is heavier than the body, so it doesn’t balance well in the lap and works best with a strap even when sitting down. The fret board is a bit less slippery than finished rosewood, meaning if I don’t fret carefully it’s noisy when bending (kind of a creaky, buzzy noise where the pad of my finger drags on the fret board). This is the only caveat to using it as a student guitar, as bending is one of the core guitar competencies and it is one of the few things that I find harder to do well on this guitar than others. I can play very carefully and avoid making the sound while bending, so I’m going to try to just train it out of me. The other thing I’ll say is the strap is functional as a guitar strap, but not great. Definitely better than not having a strap, but it’s pretty short on me (I’m about 5′ 10″). If you are an average-sized or greater adult and have any other guitar strap, you’ll probably prefer to use it. In its capacity as a travel guitar I do appreciate that a strap is included and attaches to both the case and the guitar.After playing this thing I’ve come dangerously close to grabbing one of their ukuleles, and I don’t even play that instrument yet. With nylon strings there wouldn’t be any issue on bends because you wouldn’t have to press very hard and having the setup dialed in out of the box like it was with the guitar would save me some time if I ever decide to learn 🙂 A pity they don’t make a carbon-fiber travel mandolin, I’d buy it!5/5, would buy again.

  8. John R. Rambo

    I own a number of guitars.I own a number of expensive guitars.I recently bought a $1k guitar from another online retailer (not Amazon.) That thousand dollar guitar was not setup as nicely as this little under-$200 guitar.This Enya guitar has nothing to do with the “Orinoco Flow” New Age singer, Enya, from 25 years ago. This is a Made in China, carbon-fiber guitar. The box has Chinese symbols on it.Guess what? Most under-$1k guitars are made in China! This is a high quality instrument.It’s 1/2-sized, good for kids to learn on, I suppose. I’m 57, no kids. I got it because of the carbon-fiber novelty of it, and because small scale guitars are easier to play while seated on my sofa, which is where I practice.It’s got 20 accessible frets, because of the cutaway. The action is just right.If you’re new to guitar, “action” refers to the distance between the strings and the frets. It’s especially important that it not be too high from frets 9 to 12.The action on this little Enya guitar is just right, consistent throughout; you won’t have to fight against the guitar, because the action is too high (which is common, with inexpensive guitars.)The fret ends are are as smooth as a baby’s behind. That’s another thing with inexpensive guitars: the fret ends are often not “dressed,” smoothed down so as to not feel jagged, or even cut your fingertips. All of these fret ends are rounded and smooth.Again this detail can make the difference between playing fluidly, and fighting against jagged fret ends.I’m planning on buying another one, in white or purple (mine’s black), simply because they’re really nice and inexpensive.Whether you’re new to guitar, buying for your kid, or simply like a smaller scale, as I do, you will be pleased with this guitar.ADDENDUM: {a few weeks later}As mentioned in my review, I did indeed buy a second one, in white. I just finished unboxing it, inspecting it, tuning and playing it.It is just as nice as the first one (in black.)I got the second one to bring to work with me.I gave this guitar 5 Stars, and that hasn’t changed, although I do have one minor comment about the guitars:It would have been nice if Enya had put fret markers on the upper side of the neck, all the way down to the 19th fret.They only put fret markers up to the 12th fret.I suppose this makes sense, for new players, or young people just learning. But not everybody interested in a small-scale guitar is a newcomer.I am an intermediate player who practices daily, on my sofa, seated. This is the perfect size for that.However, I solo, often, in those higher frets.And I am more dependent on the visual cues of fret markers than I’d realized.I used dots of liquid paper to add the 15th, 17th, & 19th fret markers on my black guitar.I just now used a Sharpie to add those same fret markers on this white guitar. {see image}Enya: it would be nice if you put fret markers down to the 19th fret, as they are playable, and played, by some guitarists.TIP: If you buy the black guitar, and decide to add fret markers, with liquid paper, as I did, USE ONLY A TINY DAB. I was a little heavy-handed, with the liquid paper dauber, and made a mess on the body of the guitar which I had to quickly clean off, before it dried.Man, it would be cool if Enya made an acoustic bass this size. I’d buy one, or two, in a minute!

  9. Terry

    I’ve tried a couple of travel guitars in the past (Traveler and Steinberger Spirit), only to end up selling them. Dealing a mini amp, earphones, and cord were just too much hassle. Along came the Nova Go and it’s put the fun back into playing on the go. This is what a travel guitar should be. Take it out of the case in a hotel room, leave it sitting about, and pick it up when the urge strikes.I’ve included an image to give you an idea of the size. Very easy to carry in the case. Yes, it’s more of a hardshell case than a bag. It’s playable right out of the box, but you can improve it with minimal effort. The 12-53 generic strings with large windings were terribly squeaky. I replaced them with 10-47 Elixir Nanowebs and sanded the saddle just a hair to give me 7/64 string clearance at the 12th fret on the low E and 5/64 on the high E. The neck relief was .014 and I tried to tighten the truss rod to lower it, but it was already about as firm as it would go. The lighter strings make up for the excess fretboard curvature however. I was concerned they would be too floppy with the shorter scale length, but I’m experiencing no issues. The fretboard radius is 14”. The neck is a very pronounced D shaped. Intonation is spot on. The lack of fretboard markers was giving me fits, so I added some dot inlay stickers to assist my playing. Overall, the playability is very good, comparable to most any guitar in the $200 to $500 range. The sound is comparable to a typical parlor sized guitar in this price range as well. It doesn’t sound like composite. Excellent volume. I think it may very well indeed be molded as a single piece with a little stain on the fretboard to give it a slight contrast in color. Holding my fretting elbow close to my body was awkward at first, but I’m getting used to it.It’s not perfect, but it’s a keeper and a great bargain at this price. I rate it five stars based on the quality to price ratio. I keep it hanging on my wall without concern for humidity changes and find myself reaching for it frequently. Why open a case for a few minutes of casual playing?

  10. V

    What a steal! I bought the Enya Nova Go black acoustic guitar for $151.99 and it came with all of the items as advertised. I received the softer gig bag with the front pocket (perfect to store all of the guitar accessories). I saw enough reviewer comment on how the guitar case has a strong chemical smell, but I don’t have this issue. The guitar case has a faint chemical smell.I’ve been wanting to learn how to play guitar for years and purchased this one because it fit my budget, seems sturdy, and is 1/2 size. I’m 4’11” and find 3/4 size guitars to be too big for me. The Enya Nova Go is the perfect size for me! I can play comfortably with it in my lap, the distance between each fret is small enough to reach without straining, and is lightweight.

  11. Lucas A Vaughn

    This is a wonderful little guitar! I have been playing music for over 20 years and have owned many guitars, both high and low quality. A few years ago I sold all of my equipment and instruments and all but one antique Harmony archtop. Just getting older and have limited space and time these days. I love my old Harmony but I can’t take it out in to the backcountry on hunting and fishing trips. -0° over 10,000ft does terrible things to antique instruments. So I took a chance on this little carbon fiber guitar. I am not disappointed! Has the sound quality of an Ovation, the action of a vintage GLP and the durability of a Henry rifle. It is nice and loud for its size and the action is perfect. Sounds sweet in open tuning with a slide as well. Even the case is sturdy and durable. This little guitar can take quite a beating and still be in perfect condition. The last trip, it came back covered in mud. I would pass out if I saw any other guitar I have owned like that. I honestly didnt expect much for the price, but I’m blown away! I couldn’t be happier!

  12. Hanoch Schmalbach

    This is the third guitar I’ve bought from this company. Do i have enough of their guitars? Sigh, no. I’ve been amazed by the sound quality and sturdiness of the acoustic nova go, so i got the acoustic electric. Ive been eagerly awaiting its release state side. I had hiccup with delivery, but it was rectified quickly. I’ve already gifted one to my brother, this second one is mine!!!

  13. Richard walters

    Rich sounding very smooth, although they gave me a dusty box that’s besides the point it’s easy to place your fingers on or in between frets. Wouldn’t recommend drop D on this guitar play in the key of G and beginners will take off.

  14. ChickenMath

    It’s so easy to pick this small-body guitar up for a few minutes of practice or noodling. It holds a tuning well. It’s nice to play quietly on. My only complaint is that the sustain tone is a little long and harsh for my ears.

  15. Otto Pilot

    First impressions review.What I was looking for is an instrument that could be stuck in the car and trucked along with all of my other necessities, so that I don’t lose ground as far as practice time when I am forced to be out of town. Additionally, considering the boredom that can accompany hotel time, I am hopeful that this may even accelerate my progress.It’s not beautiful in the way that my other “homebound” guitars are; it’s beauty lies in it’s construction and it’s ability to forgive the harsh elements and rough treatment it may receive in service. All this while putting out decent sound and staying in tune as well as it’s non-traveling counterparts.What I like:Pretty well crafted. Nice smooth edges. Setup OK right out of the box. Sounds more like a guitar than a dulcimer. The instrument feels really solid and is pleasing to the eye. It tunes nicely and does in fact hold it’s tuning. I should also mention that the neck is a playable size, just what you would expect for a travel guitar. The included case really surprised me; I was expecting more of a bag, but it’s a real case and the quality is far above my expectations.Dislikes:I am not an expert, so I won’t use the term “neck dive”. The balance of the instrument is such that in comparison to other guitars I have played, it is more difficult to maintain the neck in a comfortable position. For now my solution is going to be a lightweight strap with some sort of “grippy material attached in the area that sits over my left shoulder. Even without that, it is not impossible to play- it just takes some getting used to. If the strap mounts were in a different location it might solve this problem. The other problem I am running into relates to holding the body of the guitar against your chest. The backside of the body on this instument has a (necessary) rounded bulge to the sound cavity which makes it more difficult to hold it flat against you. The neck ends up at an awkward angle for fretting.Overall a fun and well made instrument and well suited for travel.

  16. Michael

    Good service.

  17. Avery

    The product is firmly packed.

  18. Kai

    Very fast delivery.

  19. Dylan

    Good quality.

  20. Patrick

    Good quality.

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